Like every other organization of civic value, the Karachi Water Supply Board should also have a contingency plan to address a crisis situation. Every other day now, we read in newspapers that the city is facing an acute water shortage which has been compounded due to electricity failure. The KWSB, it seems, is at the mercy of KESC. As far as I know, the KWSB was provided with standby generators by the government of Sindh to effectively encounter any electricity failure. But these are not being put to use due to some unknown reasons. I suggest that a contingency plan should be developed for the KWSB by the CDGK or the government of Sindh so that Karachiites do not have to suffer the water shortage along with the loadshedding that we have to suffer anyway. That would also prevent the tanker mafia from taking undue advantage of power failures. -GHULAM FAROOQ ABBASI, Karachi, May 30.