LAHORE - A group of youngsters of a village has launched Take Welfare Organisation (TWO) to provide basic heath facilities in the rural and far-flung area. In the maiden meeting of the organisation it was decided that the organisation would be a neutral one, having no political or religious affiliation with any party. The welfare organization is being registered with the name of 'Take, which is a Punjabi word and used for support. According to a press release issued on Tuesday, the organisation has been established in a rented building and is initially working for provision of basic health facilities. The TWO organised three free medical camps, where more than 300 deserving patients were provided free of cost medical check-up and medicines. Muhammad Javed has been elected as it first President while Shahbaz Ali and Khizar Zaman Zia have been nominated as its Vice President and General and Finance Secretary respectively. The organisation has been established at Hattar, a densely populated village of Tehsile Fatehjang District Attock. Meanwhile, Muhammad Arshed was nominated as Joint Secretary, Naveed Fakher Secretary Information, Khur-ram Shahzad and Muhammad Nawaz as Coordinators. Shakir Ali khan, Khalid Mustafa, Tahir Mehmood, Razi-ur-Rehaman, Muhammad Sha-fiqe, Abdul Waheed, Amir Zaman and Muhammad Irfan are the members of this organisation. Schools refuse to close for vacation from 1st President of all Pakistan Private Schools Management Association, Adeeb Javidani has said Private Educational institutions would start their summer vacation from June 14, to August 15, 2010. He announced this in a meeting presided over by him on Tuesday. He while addressing the meeting said that Punjab government was not intended to educate the children but to keep them away from the education. We condemned the decision and reject it and would not implement the governments decision of starting the summer vacation from June 1. He aid that our neighbouring country India has announced the summer vacation from May 15 to June 30 while weather in India is also hot. He said that Punjab Education Foundation has also allowed the partner schools to hold summer camp.