At least 75 people including security personnel, women, children and 45 militants have been killed in fighting between security forces and Afghan militants who had crossed over the border in Upper Dir on Wednesday. According to security officials, at least 22 security personnel were killed and two women and two children as well as many civilians have been killed in the clashes which have been going on for the last Twenty Four hours between police, levies and the militants. About 200 militants wearing police and levies uniforms crossed over from Afghanistan and attacked security check post in Upper Dir. Sources said that the militants easily entered the Pakistani territory as they were wearing the uniforms of Pakistani security forces personnel. A senior district administration official said We are preparing to evacuate 25 bodies from the village. Some security analysts believe that the militants were follower of Maulvi Fazlullah, who after having been defeated by the army escaped to Afghanistan. They said these militants are those fled to Afghanistan for fear of life and after regrouping cross the border have returned to attack the security forces. The fighting came as a top official said the military plans to stage an operation against militants in North Waziristan region. The official said that the clash that began Wednesday and was still ongoing Thursday occurred in Shaltalo town in Upper Dir district. Upper Dir lies just outside the tribal belt, but it too has witnessed al-Qaida and Taliban militant activity and been the focus of military offensives. Police Officer Johar Khan said some 200 militants crossed over into Pakistan from Afghanistan, and went after a checkpoint manned by police and paramilitary troops. Police and levies personnel were taking part in the operation against the militants, he said. He said that at least 45 militants have been killed in the encounter. The militants destroyed a bridge and a government girls school in the area, police official added.