LAHORE - A batch of 250 Pakistani troops arrived on Wednesday at Allama Iqbal International Airport after performing peacekeeping duties under the aegis of United Nations Mission in Congo. Brigadier Muhammad Zahid received the Pakistani contingent at the airport, while another batch of the troops replaced the incoming soldiers as part of relieve and rotation schedule. The Pakistani peacekeepers are serving in the war ravaged African country since the last three years. The valiant troops are deployed in the most turbulent part of the country where various armed combatants belonging to various tribal factions were continuously engaged in intense civil strife. The Pakistani troops in Congo combed the dense forests and counter the guerrilla fighters involved in blood letting feuds and loot of the innocent Congolese civilians. They earned laurels for successfully disengaging some of the combatants through dialogue. Pakistani peacekeeping troops also assisted relief and repatriation of a large number of refugees by supporting the execution of a UN-sponsored rehabilitation programme.