MULTAN - Speakers at a seminar disclosed on Wednesday that about eight million people lost their lives across the world because of smoking and this number would mount to 10 million a year till year 2020. The seminar was organised by DEEP Organisation in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotics Force in connection with World No-Smoking Day. The speakers included Dr Siddique Qadri, Shahid Mahmood Ansari, Mian Naem Arshad and others. The speakers disclosed that over 100 million smokers existed in the world while the number of smokers in Pakistan stood at 25 million. They further revealed that about 26 percent children also smoked which was highly alarming for the nation. Referring to the disastrous impacts of smoking, they said that it could cause lungs, mouth, tongue, kidney and many other kinds of cancers in the smokers. They added that other products with tobacco were also highly injurious for human health. They urged upon the smokers to abandon this deadly habit as it could take their lives.