The back to back debacles in the guise of Operation "Geronimo" and PNS Mehran have exposed the reality behind the war "of" terror imposed on us by America and its agent leadership in Pakistan. Recent figures show that Pakistan has already suffered a colossal loss of $68 billion due to the war. The return it gets in the form of aid is peanuts in comparison and all this is at the expense of lives being needlessly lost through drone attacks, bombings and poverty-driven suicides on a daily basis. At a time when the American dollar, America's war "of" terror and her planted agent rulers in the Muslim world are under severe scrutiny, people need to look at more than just a mere change of "faces". This capitalist democratic system exposes itself when it shows that it can only survive via the loot and plunder of nations and imposing wars and agent rulers on it to sustain itself. We need to look no further than the interest based economic policies vis--vis IMF and the current war-zones as examples. This gives a clear indication that the West will do whatever it takes to secure its interests. If we are to secure our own interests, we need to turn to the system that successfully defends the rights of the people living under it. To embrace an ideology that unites the nation on the basis of common beliefs and values is the prerequisite to its survival and revival. With its own unique political, economic, social and judicial system, Islam gives us the solution to our current problems. The recent survey conducted by Washington's Pew Research Centre, whereby 11 percent want the US to leave this region while 78 percent want to be governed by laws based on Islam, is testimony to the fact that people are increasingly leaning towards the establishment of an Islamic state as an alternative system to live their lives by. Only the Islamic Khilafah will be able to succeed in closing the doors on colonialist exploitation, throwing these sycophant rulers into the dustbins of history and heralding in a new era of corruption-free politics in the Muslim world. HADEED ALI, May 30.