LAHORE - Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi, who is locked in a dispute with the sport's administrator in the country, has admitted breaching its code of conduct, an official said on Wednesday. Afridi, 31-year-old all-rounder, abruptly announced his retirement from international cricket on Monday following a spat with Coach Waqar Younis, accusing the leadership of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of mistreating him. In response, the PCB on Tuesday suspended his central contract, revoked his no-objection certificates, which he officially needs to play abroad and stopped his contract payment. He was required to explain within seven days why he levelled allegations against the PCB, whose spokesman said that Afridi had accepted multiple breaches of the code of conduct. "Yes, we have received his reply to the show-cause notice in which he has accepted that he violated the code of conduct he signed with the Board," the PCB spokesman Nadeem Sarwar said and added: "The next course of action will be decided soon." The PCB official also disclosed that Afridi could be fined Rs 50 million and if he takes his retirement decision back, he will be banned for 10 to 15 matches. PCB legal advisor Taffazul Rizvie said the act of the response and acceptance doesn't condone the breach itself. "When you accept or own an act that is tantamount to a mitigating circumstance for a disciplinary tribunal while passing a judgment."