One is amazed to watch Asma Jehangir speaking non stop to malign Pakistan armed forces. Yes the citizens of Pakistan have the right to indicate any of the weaknesses if they think armed forces are having but there must be difference in criticism and abusing. Dont know what sort of personal reservations she is having regarding the army. The way she is defaming the army seems she has been deputed by some group to do so. In each and every talk show where is she invited she tries to overcome participants by indulging in non stop criticism. She is Pakistani citizen and she reserves the right to criticise any department she thinks has veered off track but she has taken it as a project to defame armed forces especially after the incidents of 2 and 22 May. It seems she was waiting for the incident to occur as India immediately after the Osama operation handed over list of 50 terrorists to Pakistan maligning Pakistan of supporting them. Armies are there to defend the boundaries of the country. If something goes wrong it doesnt mean they are not sincere. I dont know about her agenda but she must realize that she is not only an analyst she is also the President of Supreme Court Bar Association. The nation has seen the role performed by Aitzaz Ahsan and Ali Ahmed Kurd. They were sober, decent and used to convey their viewpoint with logic. But the way Asma Jehangir has come up, it has raised eye brows of many of the patriotic Pakistanis. Our criticism must be coupled with true spirit. Will the advocate community take notice of Asmas loose talks? S K AURAKZAI, Peshawar, May 30.