JAMMU (Online) - Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Attique Khan wants the Jammu and Kashmir governments rehabilitation policy for militants to be extended to the entire population of refugees living on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LoC). He also wished a joint development fund to be set up for the two sides of the state. While appreciating the rehabilitation policy of the Jammu and Kashmir government for the Kashmiri youth returning from his side of the state, Attique said it should apply to 2.1 million refugees as well. In an interview published in the Kashmir Times on Wednesday, Attique Khan touched upon various issues but his main focus was on reconciliation and intra-Kashmir dialogue, which he argued should be institutionalised from its current informal nature. Suggesting joint development fund for the two parts of the state, separated by the LoC, Attique Khan pleaded for some initiatives which could break the ice and give a new meaning to the proposed reconciliation process. Kashmir includes the undivided state as it stood in 1947 and by 'Kashmiris we mean its entire people irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, faith or ethnicity. When we talk of cross-LoC interactions, they need not remain restricted to informal talks. They need to move towards a more institutionalised set-up, he said. Claiming to go a 'step further than former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf, Attique suggested to set up a joint development fund. Let us cooperate as much as we can in tourism, sports, trade and other sectors so that these funds could be used for development of the state on both sides and its people. Attique Khan said: Those who have come here are part of the state and it is the right of people to stay in any part of the state. For those who crossed the Line of Control after 1990s, we have already strategies in place to rehabilitate them.'