LAHORE - Former ISI chief Gen (r) Ziauddin, who was brought in by then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to replace then COAS Gen Musharraf, on Wednesday proposed setting up a steering committee under the leadership of some prominent parliamentarians to find a solution to the on-going insurgency in the tribal areas and thelp stop the persistent drone attacks, which have killed thousands of Pakistanis over the years. In his opinion a decision on whether or not to start a military operation in the troubled region should be left to the proposed committee. Gen Ziauddin said this while delivering a lecture at Hameed Nizami Hall. Former federal minister Ejazul Haq and Jamatud Dawa political section chief Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki were also among the speakers. Theses leaders also called on Editor-in-Chief TheNation Majid Nizami. The former ISI chief said insurgency in tribal areas was a very serious issue which needed very serious steps to resolve. People of these areas, he recalled, had consistently been demanding the status of a province and repeal of the Frontier Crime Regulation. There was no harm in accepting both the demands, said the former general, who had been appointed army chief by then prime minister Nawaz Sharif on October 12, 1999. However, before he could take over, Gen Musharrafs loyalist generals staged a coup. Gen Ziaudiin felt upset over the campaign launched by the enemies to tarnish the image of the Pakistan army. Derogatory SMSs were initiated by vested interests which were forwarded by the recipients innocently, without realising the damage they were causing to the defenders of Pakistan, he said. Gen Ziauddin alleged that Gen Musharraf was responsible for creating the situation the army was stuck up in at present. About the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad and his death in a US commando action, the former ISI chief said either the news was baseless or Gen Musharraf and former Intelligence Bureau chief Brig Ijaz Shah were fully aware of the presence of the slain al-Qaeda chief. He said a commission should try to find out facts about the matter. As for attack on naval base in Karachi, he said it appeared as if operatives of Indian intelligence agency RAW were involved in it. Former federal minister Ejazul Haq said the army could not meet all challenges to the countrys security without nations fullest support. He warned that Christians, Jews and Hindus could never be friends of Pakistan. He said the 'axis of evil wanted to denuclearise, demilitarise and de-Islamise Pakistan. He alleged that the rulers had made the country a slave to the United States. Referring to a recent statement made by PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif that India was not an enemy of Pakistan, Ejazul Haq said the former prime minister must explain the point to the nation. As for President Zardaris reported statement that Pakistan would not go for first nuclear strike against India, he said if this was so he should let the nation know the justification for keeping nuclear weapons. Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki alleged that the US and Indian agents were involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. He said a baseless propaganda campaign had been started to create doubts about the security of Pakistans nuclear assets. According to him, it was possible that President Obama got passed from the United Nations a resolution against Pakistans nuclear programme. He was critical of the elements advocating friendly ties between Pakistan and India. Recalling that India was responsible for the dismemberment of Pakistan, Hafiz Makki said and if still anyone wanted Pakistan to be friends with India he was undermining sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of people. He said agreements signed with India by those who came to power through bogus votes had no validity.