These are the words of a father of a soldier who was martyred recently while fighting the militants: My son was martyred yesterday. I do not cry in his remembrance but rather I cry because he died for a cause that no one appreciates. He served his time away from his family in harsh cold winters up in the mountainous terrains far up north in his beloved Pakistan. He was only 25. He was hit in crossfire with the enemy as he protected my borders. He has a daughter who just turned 3 months old. His wife has no more tears to shed. He was my faithful son. He had no tears as he felt the pain of death in his veins. He had no regret as he laid waiting for death, the image of this beautiful daughter Imaan in front of his eyes, the laughter of his wife in his ears, the duas of his mother in his memories and the loving kiss from his father on his cheeks. He smiled as he saw the angels of death come to take away his soul. He knew this is why he was born, to serve his nation, to die for his people. He smiled as he took his last breath and read Kalima Tayyaba. His body comes back to me draped in green and white his favourite colours. He had told me that he wanted to die for his nation. His parents look on as his coffin is brought in front of them. This was the son they taught to stand and walk, and now he had showed them how to lift their heads up high with pride. Imaan will grow up without a father because her Abbu chose nation over life. Her Abbu will not be there to watch her grow up, take her to school or find her a suitable groom. All she gets is a cheque from the government thanking her father for his contribution to Pakistan. Life will never be the same. Whenever you think of saying something about the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, think of Imaan and hundreds like her who lose their parents because their parents want to ensure that you are able to sleep at night. Before you send insulting messages to these men in green, remember that without them, we would probably be dead Allah o Akbar Pakistan Paindabad COL (RETD) MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ, Sheikhupura, May 30.