Travelling by jetpack used to be something only seen in science fiction. But the first commercial suit could soon be on sale following another successful step on the flight towards production. Over the weekend, a team of New Zealand inventors behind the Martin rocketman suit conducted a test flight that saw them soar to 5,000 feet. In the test, carried out over the Canterbury region of the country, a dummy took the place of a passenger as it was flown by remote control from a helicopter. And in another first, the suit then descended to 2,000 feet before deploying a parachute and landing, albeit with rather a large bump. The flight lasted around ten minutes, making it the longest ever recorded. The successful test brings the reality of flight by jetpack another step closer after 40 years of development by inventor Glenn Martin. Mr Martin has spent NZ$12million on the venture, but now hopes to bring in more investment and possibly even start mass production. This weekends flight follows on from a test which took place in April that saw the invention reach 100ft and fly for seven minutes. Following the test Mr Martin said: 'This successful test brings the future another step closer. We limited the jetpack to 800ft/min climb so the chase helicopters could keep up. The company has reported that it will now enter another period of intensive testing period to refine technology and performance over extended and continuous hours of operation. 'In the past two years weve gone from unveiling a world leading invention to a company on the verge of international commercialisation of both the manned and unmanned versions of the jetpack., Martin Aircraft chief executive Richard Lauder said. Given the success of the trial, the first 'jet-ski in the sky could now be dispatched for solo flights by the end of the year at a price of around 50,000 ($75,000) per machine. MO SPECIFICATIONS * Size: Height 5ft, width 5.5ft, length 5ft * Structure: Carbon fibre composite * Top speed: 60mph (100km/h) * Range: 31 miles (at max speed). Around 30 minutes air-time * Current altitude: 160ft (50metres) * Fuel capacity: Five U.S. gallons * Fuel economy: 10gph (around 15 cents per 20 seconds flying time) * Engine: 2.0 litre, 200 horsepower. Max 6,000 rpm. * Maximum thrust: 600lbs * Empty weight: 250lbs * Gross weight: 553lbs * Price: 50,000 ($75,000)