If Afghan President Hamid Karzai, known for blindly toeing the US line, comes out with a strong denunciation of NATO troops for their heedless slaughter of Afghan innocent citizens and accuses them of becoming an occupying force, there must be substance in his criticism. This weeks incident in which 14 women and children were killed by a reckless aerial bomber was not the first such crime these forces have committed, and one would fully understand Karzais resentment. NATOs argument that nightly raids on Afghan houses were necessary to defeat militants is no excuse for murdering civilians who have nothing to do with such elements. And the White Houses assurance that the Afghan Presidents reservations about such attacks would in future be kept in mind hardly deserves to be taken seriously, in the light of past experiences when every time such an outrage took place, apologies have been forthcoming but the raids never stopped. But Hamid Karzai seriously slipped up when he told the NATO forces to shift their arena of war to Pakistan, where he charged the terrorists had safe havens. For one thing, he should know that if the Pashtuns on the Pakistani side of the border are aggressively hostile to foreign presence in Afghanistan it is because their co-ethnics are being ruthlessly killed there on flimsy pretexts and till that presence remains, like their Afghan Pashtuns, they would remain hostile to them. He himself stresses this tradition. For another, he should appreciate that Pakistan wants these foreign forces to leave Afghanistan. Afterwards, the best way to calm things down would be for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey the four regional Muslim powers to sit down and work out the future course of action to ensure Afghan independence. Threats of giving Pakistan a tough time also come from the US Congressional Research Service, which in a report states that the bilateral distrust and acrimony fuelled by bin Ladens death has led some of the senior Obama Administration officials to advocate strong action against Islamabad. As a result, the CRS report expects significant policy changes with regard to Pakistan might be in the offing. At the same time, it accuses Islamabad of harbouring a large number of militants. Blind to Kashmiris own struggle, considered legitimate under UN Charter, against Indias illegal occupation, the report calls one such group terrorists, deliberately failing to see that these unarmed protesters are being brutally killed. Thus, it is New Delhi that is indulging in state terrorism and not the freedom fighters. Shouldnt any individual, institution or state with a conscience be pulling up India for perpetrating crimes like abducting, torturing and killing Kashmiris struggling to get themselves free from its cruel yoke?