ISLAMABAD (APP) The All Pakistan Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distributors Association expressing concern over inflated prices of the gas, has called for taking effective steps to curb unethical practices in the sector for the benefit of poor consumers. Despite the fact the LPG has not been imported for the last three months but its prices have been adjusted according to those at international market, burdening the poor who are already groaning under inflation, the associations chairman Muhammad Irfan Khokhar told APP. He urged the government to thoroughly review LPG pricing mechanism while coming hard on mafia that had been minting money through unjustified raises of the gas. Regarding the reduction of LPG prices of Rs 11 per Kg from June 3, the chairman said, the decrease was due to downward trend in Saudi Armco Contract Price (CP) of $ 105 per metric ton at international market. He projected another decrease of Rs 5 per kg in the current month, if the prices in LPG market continued to persist at the same level. He lamented that in 2006 the LPG price LPG was Rs 17 per kg while now it had surged to Rs 96 per kg, reflecting how the mafia was active in the LPG market. He said such steep upward trend had been abetted by anti-market practices of the unscrupulous elements of the LPG market, necessitating solid steps to rectify the situation. to extend relief to the poor segment of the society. He said as a result of decrease in LPG prices from June 3, the prices of domestic cylinder would be decreased by Rs 125 and commercial cylinder by Rs 483. Giving details, he said that the prices of domestic cylinders would be reduced from Rs 958 to Rs 1090 and per kg from Rs 95 to 84 in Lahore, Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jhang, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan and Bhawalpur. In Sialkot, Faisalabad and Sargodha the price of domestic cylinder would be reduced to Rs 1018 from Rs 1150 while one kg of LPG would be available at Rs 89, reducing from Rs 100. Similarly, the prices of domestic cylinders in Murree and Islamabad would come down from Rs 1390 to Rs 1258 with per kg from Rs 120 to Rs 109. In Bagh, Muzaffarabad, FATA and Azad Kashmir price of domestic cylinder would be reduced from Rs 1510 to Rs 1378 and prices Per kg would come down from Rs 130 to Rs 119. In Karachi domestic cylinder is reducing from Rs 1054 to Rs 922 and prices of per kg would come down to Rs 81 from Rs 92 while Peshawar the prices of domestic cylinder would be reduced from Rs 1210 to Rs 1078 and from Rs 105 to Rs 94 per Kg.