LAHORE - Seven years ago, in a tiny district of Tharparkar, a courageous man Sajan took his first step towards prosperity; a step that led him through the difficult and complex terrains of life to liberate him from conditions of extreme poverty in search of a brighter and better future for his family, says a press release. Sajan used to run a small scale business of breeding goats and sheeps and selling them off in the near local livestock market. Although Sajan worked day and night, the income he received was inadequate to meet the basic necessities of life. He could not negotiate with the regular buyers of his livestock due to the fear of losing the meager income he made. Still, Sajan was optimistic in succeeding and never stopped envisaging ways to improve his financial situation. He kept on looking for ways and means to set-up a full scale breeding business in which he could breed large animals such as cows and buffaloes too. This very pursuit led his way to Khushhalibank, Pakistans largest Microfinance Organisation, to avail their loan facility for setting up the desired business. After the much consent of his peers and elders, Sajan decided to knock at the doors of Khushhalibank in 2005 for the much needed help. The loan facility availed by Sajan allowed him to purchase couple of large breeding animals of superior quality. The realization that he had the power to turn around his life and the never say die attitude of Sajan proved to be beneficial for his business. He was now driven to extend the business further and push his limits to see what he can achieve. Sajan knew that bigger livestock markets existed in the metropolitan cities of Karachi and Hyderabad, and if he could take his animals to these cities they would fetch a far better price. But transporting the animals to these cities involved huge costs and for him to take this task at hand was not feasible. Hence, he came up with a brilliant idea of mobilizing other small breeders and asked them to join him and others to take the journey to Karachi at regular intervals and share the cost of transportation amongst them. This idea proved beneficial for Sajan resulting in far better margin on the sale of his animals.