ISLAMABAD (Agencies)- Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar has said there has neither been an agreement between Pakistan and the United States for operation in North Waziristan nor has any final decision been taken for the operation. The minister while briefing the Senate Standing Commission on Foreign Affairs here on Wednesday however admitted that the US was exerting pressure on Pakistan for launching operation in North Waziristan against al Qaeda militants. Later talking to media, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Senator Salim Saifullah Khan said Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir and spokesperson of the Foreign Office Tehmina Janjua told the committee that there was no written agreement between CIA and ISI and armed forces of the two countries for cooperation in the fight against terrorism. He stressed for a formal agreement between the intelligence agencies and the armed forces for any action against the militants. He said the committee expressed its strong reservations over delayed reaction by the Foreign Office on Abbottabad raid but the Foreign Office officials said that they gave Pakistans viewpoint after reviewing the incident and situation in its entirety that the United States violated the sovereignty of Pakistan. Meanwhile, a leading Army commander on Wednesday sought to play down media hype over the prospect of an imminent military offensive to meet US interests in North Waziristan. In the wake of Osama bin Ladens killing, US officials are said to have increased pressure on Pakistan to mount a major offensive in the district, considered the premier Taliban and Al-Qaeda fortress along the Afghan border. Local media reported this week that Pakistan had decided to launch a careful and meticulous military offensive in North Waziristan after US Secretary of State Hillary Clintons recent visit to Islamabad. But Lieutenant General Asif Yasin Malik, the corps commander supervising all military operations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, told reporters: We will undertake operation in North Waziristan when we want to. There has been a lot of media hype about the operation, said Malik in the Mohamad Gat area of tribal district Mohmand, where the military flew reporters to show off apparent progress in battles against homegrown Taliban. We will undertake such an operation when it is in our national interest militarily, the general said, describing North Waziristan as calm and peaceful as it was weeks ago. Asked whether there was a need for such an operation, he said only: Maybe ultimately we will go to North Waziristan. Clinton last Friday urged Pakistan to take decisive steps to defeat Al-Qaeda, when she became the most senior US official to visit since US Navy SEALs found and killed bin Laden in the country on May 2.