The Afghan High Peace Council still fails to identify who to hold peace talks with, a number of parliamentarians said. Strongly criticising the government, some lawmakers said the government still doesn't have a clear definition of who the enemy is. Lawmakers described the war in Afghanistan as a war with no goals. Parliamentarians called the loss of prominent Jihadi leaders irrecoverable, saying the government should clarify the track of the war. "Every word is vague and ironical and we are living in a situation with no clear enemy. Our President is lost and the peace council fails to find those it should hold peace talks with. We are being killed every day," said a member of parliament, Mohammad Saleh Saljoqi. Another member of parliament, Fawzia Naseryar Gudarayee, said: "chained assassinations are performed based on an organised plan by Pakistani players with their international supporters." Speaker of the House of Representatives also voiced concern over the growing deaths of civilians either in the Taliban-led attacks or foreign forces' operations. "The casualties which include high-ranking government officials, innocent children and women are either caused by suicide attacks and bombings or ground and air raids of international forces," House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi said. Mr Ebrahimi said lawmakers are due to meet President Hamid Karzai next week to discuss a wide range of issues, including civilian casualties, introduction of the remaining members of the cabinet and the destiny of elections special tribunal.