ISLAMABAD - The auditor general of Pakistan (AGP) has observed that National Assembly Secretariat had paid Rs 252.60 million to PIA for air tickets of Member National Assembly sans maintaining proper record of it. These air tickets worth Rs 252.60 million were paid to PIA during the last three fiscal years, revealed an audit report 2010-11 available with TheNation. The report said that the said amount released by NA Secretariat to airliner during 2007-10 for the purchase of tickets issued to MNAs against their privileges while secretariat has no record of actual utilised tickets. The audit pointed out that as per the provision Member Parliament (Salaries and Allowance) Act, 1974, the Secretariat provided air tickets according to the proportionate period during financial year 2007-08. The airliner issued tickets on coupon paper for MNAs but proper record to check utilisation by the members was not there. It is relevant to mention here that only the record of number of tickets is available. The report said that NA Secretariat arranged 08 privileged air tickets from PIA for MNAs on proportionate basis during Jan-June (2009) that could not be checked on the record of airliner after the end of fiscal year 2008-09. It was also mentioned that some of MNAs surrendered their air tickets to the Secretariat and they were passed to airliner for refund.