MIRPUR (AJK) - In this era of power crises being faced by the country including AJK, the Azad Jammu Kashmir government will soon achieve a major breakthrough in the Solar Energy sector as a result of phased implementation of a broad-based plan, inked by the AJK government to benefit the people of the natural energy of lunar, official sources revealed. The sources told The Nation here Wednesday that the integrated Solar Energy utilization plan has yet been inked to enable the common man of enjoying this alternative energy source at lesser price. Various projects to utilize solar energy at district level were being launched under the phases-wised program. Besides the urban and country-side areas, the population of the far-flung and remote areas where the supply of electricity and the means of other energy sources was difficult, will be benefited from the energy sources. Under the plan, to be launched with the cooperation of the federal government, the people of the far-flung including top mountainous areas, where the electricity was not yet available, will be provided with the electricity through Solar system under the plan, the sources added. The gigantic plan will help encourage the trend of cutting forests for fire wood besides reducing the land sliding in the mountainous remote areas of the liberated territory.