In a democracy, everything can be re-defined and justified; it just requires the political will and opportunity. In Pakistan's case we see all the main secular parties plus other religious democratic parties endorsing the 'War on Terror'. This is why the Pakistani military campaigns in the tribal areas have been sanctioned and blessed by the National Assembly. This also explains the disgusting deceitful and contradictory behaviour on the part of our political and military rulers and their incredulous statements in the current predicament. Some of the claims and counter-claims we have seen seem like the schoolboy excuse that 'the dog ate my homework' like pack of lies. These statements follow the same pattern of denial as the US has continued it's drone strikes using bases inside Pakistan and the denial of CIA agents operating in our cities until Raymond Davis was caught. It doesn't take much to see that democracy has failed the people of Pakistan. What is harder to see is what should be done next? Military rule? We are living with the legacy and effects of the Musharraf rule today that opened the door for the Americans, a completely unaccountable platform for an untouchable ruler; moreover the current military leaders are also on the same pro-American page. There is not an iota of doubt now, that like dictatorship, democracy too has failed in Pakistan. Pakistan needs another alternative. This alternative system has to ensure that the rulers can't just tear up the rule book and change the rules of the game as they play. The rulers need a permanent absolute point of reference rather than the relative code of moral conduct that has allowed them to declare the day to be night and the night to be day. The only system which has the forbearance for this is the Shariah of Islam implemented by the Khilafat. ENGR. SHARIQUE NAEEM, Lahore, May 27.