KHANEWAL - The Pakistan Railways administration is not interested in removing 10 contractual officers, who were re- employed on contractual basis, from service despite very clear direction by the prime minister issued in response to the High Court orders. A notification (02/02/2011 E-1) dated 21/04/2011 was issued by the establishment division to the Railways board chairman on behalf of the prime minister for the removal of re- employed officers in Pakistan Railways on contract basis after serving them notice of 30 days. In this regard, a letter (02/07/201-A.II) dated 28/04/2011 was issued to the PR chief admin officer Lahore headquarters by the Ministry of Pakistan Railways Islamabad. The 10 officers who were appointed are: Muhammad Ashraf PD signals PR HQ Lahore, Muhammad Sarfraz deputy CEN civil signal project PR HQ Lahore, in grade19, Muhammad Qurban Ali XES PR HQ Lahore in grade-18, Adul Shakoor Abid DSE PR Multan, in grade-17, Nasir Ali, ANE(KYC) PR HQ Lahore, in grade-17,Muhammad Afaq ATO(KYC) PR HQ Lahore in grade-17,Miss Zonera Sehar, AEE PR HQ Lahore in grade 17,Muhammad Idress Rimzi AEN(OUT) PR HQ Lahore in grade 17,Muhammad Naseem AEN, PR HQ Lahore, in grade-17,Salam Farooq AEE , PR HQ Lahore, in grade 17, should be removed from the services of Pakistan Railways. But the PR administration is not taking this serious to remove the services of these 10 contractual employee whom were re-employed in the Railways. On the other hand. regular employee alleged that due to induction of these employee, the promotion of regular employees had been declined and these employees were drawing millions of rupees annually which is the right of regular employees. They also appealed to the High Court chief justice and the prime minister to take serious action against the responsible officers.