ISLAMABAD (Online) - Senator Raza Rabbani, head of the Parliamentary Commission on Implementation of 18th Amendment, has categorically made it clear that the 18 ministries will automatically be devolved to the provinces if the devolution process is not completed by June 30. Talking to the media outside the Parliament House on Wednesday, Raza Rabbani said the June 30 deadline was not that of an individual or the commission rather it was according to the constitution and if the deadline is not met it could have deep repercussions. In response to a question, he said there was no pressure on the president or the PM regarding non-devolution of any ministry in the province. Rabbani said as far as the matter of appointing Waseem Sajjad as member of the committee was concerned the prime minister had made his appointment. There was no vacancy in the Parliamentary Commission on Implementation of 18th Amendment, while Ishaq Dars resignation had not been accepted, he added. He said several voices even inside the party were also being raised on the devolution of ministries but as the country was passing through difficult phase so they could not afford to stop the devolution process.