SAHIWAL - Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Sonia Waseem warned on Wednesday that Pakistan would face acute shortage of water in the days to come Addressing a press conference at his office, she urged the people to forge unity among their ranks to play a key role in this regard. She added that the government should be forced to construct more water reservoirs. Terming the water issue a collective problem of the country, Mrs waseem said that India was spending Rs 120 billion to construct dames in occupied Kashmir. She disclosed that the neighbouring country was changing the way of water towards south by constructing 14,000 km canal. Our country did nothing in this sector since 1970. In 1970, 70% generation of electricity was through hydropower which has been decreased up to 25pc. Our government should focus its attention on this sector and more dames and water reservoirs should be constructed, she concluded. Ex-president Azmat Saleem and Vice-President Muhammad Ikram were also present