ISLAMABAD - The blockage of Karakuram Highway (KKH) for more than a year is not only causing heavy loss to trade with China but trade commodities are also fast reducing due to adopting alternative routes. It takes much time through alternative route (Via sea) as compared to KKH, so to avoid its spoiling eatable commodities are ostensibly reducing in the trade between two countries, well-placed sources in communication Ministry shared with TheNation. A portion of the Karakuram Highway went under the lake water near an orchard between Gulmit and Ghulkin around one year before. Organic destruction of the KKH has grave implications not only for the local communities but also for the Sino-Pak trade, experts suggested. Due to non-availability of alternate routes the trade with China is being run through ships. Trade able commodities are brought in Karachi, which not only waste much time but also proved much expensive, said the sources. It was also reportedly claimed that more than three years was required for complete restoration of KKH route for traffic and in this regard communication ministry is opting an option costing $ 275 million for repairing. It was also learnt that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had given nod for immediate repairing of submerged part of KKH but on ground it is the testimony of fact that complete repairing of this project would around three years. In order to prepare feasibility report, the sources said that Chinese experts team along with Pakistani engineers had visited the submerged part of KKH and two options costing $ 600 million and $275 million was came on surface. The government is adopting $275million option for the repairing of this important route, said sources. Earlier, Minister for Communication Dr.Arbab Alamgir had said that work of the submerged part was underway and it would take bit time to clear it properly. He had also feared that water level would increase in summer, which could create trouble during repairing work. Minister reportedly had admitted that the blockage of road causing million of rupees of loss as trade with China was suffering from last one month. It is relevant to mention here that recently the executive board of National Highway Authority discussed in length options for realignment of Karakoram Highway (KKH) and other road projects. It was discussed that as a first option a new road 10 meter above the water level might be built. As per the second option, water level may be reduced in lake to such an extent that old road be discovered and made it usable.