ISLAMABAD - Zulfiqar Rahim, who once remained the youngest person to win Pakistan Open Tennis Champion in 1964 just at the age of 16, is paying a high price for his love for the country. In an exclusive interview with TheNation, Zulfiqar unveiled his story right from the beginning back in 1964 when he became the champion at Pakistan Open Tennis and was awarded scholarship by Clemson University, South Carolina in the USA. Zulfiqar, who has the honour of not only winning the Pakistan Open but also coaching his brother Haroon Rahim who still holds the record of being the youngest ever champion of not only Pakistan but rest of the world too at the age of only 15, said while recalling those days that "when I got the scholarship from USA I decided to train my brother and produce another champion." Zulfiqar also holds the unique record of playing Davis Cup for his country in 1963. He was selected as a substitute although he was Pakistan's no 2 that time but due to his inexperience and age he was restricted to bench against Cilone (Sri Lanka) where it was decided that he would be used as a player where Pakistan won that Eastern Zone tie. Zulfiqar beat their no 1 player Raja Praesoody. He set another record against India in Davis Cup when he beat Indian no 1 player Akhtar Ali, although Pakistan lost that tie against the hosts. About that particular event, Rahim said the whole crowd was booing and making a lot of noise which forced him to change his angle adding that he turned to hit a ball straight to a spectator, which resulted in pin-drop silence in the crowd. "After the match, police escorted me and we were provided heavy security at the hotel." In 1964, Zulfiqar also won the Shanshah Cup in Iran. In 1965, Zulfiqar went to USA to complete his studies and joined Clemson University. He soon became the university's no 1 player. He became the South Carolina champion in 1965 and 1966 and also won the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1966, thus becoming the first Clemson boy to win that particular championship. In 1968, Zulfiqar was set to graduate in Industrial Engineering, but on January 13, 1968 he met an accident and remained paralysed for several months. He completed his graduate degree in 1969 and returned to Pakistan in 1971 and joined PIA as corporate planning manager. Since then he decided not to play tennis again. He said one day he went to see a friend in Karachi Club where people forced him to play tennis adding that, "when I started playing I realised I have rediscovered my form and at that moment, I decided to produce a champion, as I could no longer fulfil my own dream to become a champion." In 1977, Zulfiqar Rahim left Pakistan and settled in the UK. He became the coach at Vander Built Racket Club, where he coached youngsters for 13 hours a day. He opened first indoor club in London in 1983. In 1984, Munir Pirzada, the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) secretary, met Zulfiqar and asked him to send a proposal to PTF for opening an academy in Pakistan. This was the time for onset of Rahim miseries, as his love for Pakistan forced him to come back and meet with Gen Rahimudin, the then PTF President. But no proper place was awarded to him and he went to UK again in 1985. He sold his club and went to Belgium, where he bought the biggest tennis club later called Rahim International Tennis Club. In 1990, when he was European representative of the PTF, Pirzada once called him and persuaded him to send a proposal for the PTF own academy with his help. Waseem Sajjad was Chairman Senate and also the President of the PTF that time. On Rahim's proposal, CDA allocated land to the PTF. When everything was finalised Pirzada asked Zulfiqar to leave, as they wanted themselves run the academy. Despite all that Rahim still wanted to do something for his country. He returned to Belgium empty handed. It is worth mentioning that players like Yana Navatona, who won the Wimbledon and Hana Mandlikova, have been trained at Zulfiqar's academy in Belgium while Pakistani stars like Samir Iftikhar and Ushna Sohail parents gave credit of their kids achievements to Zulfiqar. However, Zulfiqar's miseries continued as his love for the country never faded. In 1996 when Anwer Saifullah was the PTF president and Col (Retd) Asif Dar the secretary, Zulfiqar was again called and promised to be given land for his academy. Dar called him time and again and he always responded positively but to no avail. Finally in 1997, Anwer signed a contract with Zulfiqar about handing over the land for his academy, on that Zulfiqar returned to Belgium and sold his academy over there, but when he returned to Pakistan he was told land for complex was given to some other person despite signing a contract with him. By that time, Zulfiqar had sold his academy in Belgium just to help raise the players of his birth place. His miseries continued as he has nothing left with him after selling his academy in Belgium he tried to get a place in Lahore but influential person come in his way. He met with Dilawar Abbas in 2006, finally a proposed contract for running his academy at the PTF Complex was signed on July sixth 2009 for a period of four years which can be extended after every four years. Zulfiqar has suffered a lot just for serving his country and had already paid a heavy price for his love for the country. The new management at the PTF under Kaleem Imam is trying to create hurdles in Zulfiqar's work and their so-called administrator Naeem is misbehaving with him whose services for the country are unmatched. It is the duty of the PTF President to give not only due respect to Zulfiqar but also order to extend every possible help to him. Zulfiqar's wife is getting fed up with all this urging him to leave Pakistan. Being a British nationality holder Zulfiqar can go to England or USA and earn millions of dollars by giving training to kids over there but he wants to spend the rest of his life in Pakistan and wants to give country a world class player in a short span of time. It is hoped that in the country's best interest, PTF President Kaleem will seriously look into the matter and give justice to one of the great sons of the soil, who brought good name to the country.