The cases of dogbites surged, setting alarm bells ringing in the federal capital.

Stray dogs can be seen roaming freely in all the sectors particularly G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, I-9, I-10 and F-8 and every day a good number of dogs bite cases are reported in the hospitals due to lack of any check system from CDA.  Moreover, stay dogs have occupied various public parks but the CDA has been dragging its feet over the matter.

A victim of dog bites has to receive vaccination for two months regularly. The first vaccination is administered free of cost to the victim in government hospitals. Total cost of vaccination stands at Rs 30,000 which the patient has to bear.

The patient has to undergo a particular test at NIH on completion of vaccination process. The fee of this test has been fixed Rs 1,000. Through this test, the presence of germs of dog bite is detected.

CDA sanitary department looks helpless in addressing the complaints from the citizens due to lack of modern technology.

The slums in I-10 and I-11 sectors have turned into breeding grounds for the stray dogs. Complaints have also been lodged on dog bite incidents in the public park of I-10/2.

The citizens have demanded systemic and organized campaign by CDA for elimination of stray dogs.–Online