Heidi Klum is being thrown a hat party for her 40th birthday.

The supermodel celebrated the milestone on Saturday and revealed she is ‘’excited’’ for a night with her ‘’girlfriends’’ - all wearing ‘’crazy’’ headwear.

She told Ellen DeGeneres: ‘’I’m excited. My friend is actually throwing a party for me and it’s going to be a hat party. I can’t wait! We’ll be having burgers, ice cream, fries, chocolate. All the usual stuff. Everyone has to show up in hat. So it’s all girlfriends of mine and everyone has to wear a crazy hat. So we’re all going to sit around with some hats on, which I think is fun.’’ Heidi also admitted she isn’t concerned with getting older, choosing to embrace the fact she’s ‘’still here’’ enjoying life. She added: ‘’40 is the new 30. I don’t really care about aging. I’m happy. When I get one year older it means we’re still here, having a good time.’’ The ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ host kicked off her birthday celebrations earlier in the week when the show’s hopefuls presented her with a chocolate cake.