Islamabad is abuzz! The city is preparing to receive a new lot of MNAs and the citizens are busy trying to bring alive their ‘N’ connections. Mubariks are being exchanged and mithai tokras being forwarded to long forgotten acquaintances, who will be walking the corridors of power. The Marriott lobby is truly back in business, with an undeclared title of the place to be seen and to see for the newly-elected. Who could possibly have thought that life will turn full cycle and Mian Nawaz will return to govern with such aplomb? If there was a moment to spare for relaxing for this country, it could, perhaps, take a minute off from harsh ground realities to feel good about the fact that an elected Parliament is in place and that there has been a smooth transition of power from one Assembly to the next, for the first time in our history.Even as we look forward to new practices and policies in keeping with the promises made to the electorate, it was amusing to hear of some of the previous occupants of the parliamentary lodges being asked to vacate the official premises reserved for parliamentarians. The belongings of some who were refusing to move actually had to be removed forcefully. It reminded me of brides, who, when coerced into marrying without their consent, desperately cry, cling and clutch at the walls of their homes.  The acrimony, the levels of accusations, the choice of words that were exchanged for the past some two years between politicians on all sides have decidedly eroded trust, even if they could not do much about corrupt practices, which has always been the bane of this country. The people are exhausted with political antics and shenanigans and would be willing to be patient with those in power if they perceived them to be making genuine efforts at stabilising the country. The challenges that stare us in the face actually require Mian Sahib and his entire (and hopefully small) but competent team to hit the road running. There is no luxury of a settle-down period. Perhaps, more than symbolic gestures of not living in the official PM’s residence, the reformatory behaviour practices must be for real. Wastage of public money must be done away with, including no salary for those who can opt for it. Sycophancy is a plague that attacks all those with any authority and should be abhorred by the newly elected. The choice of the Principal Secretary for the Prime Minister augurs well. It can be hoped that he will not allow too many chamchas to get into the inner circle. Mian Sahib, reflect and read more when you have time. Remain real, remain believable. Arrest negligence, make examples. It would not be a bad idea if it was made mandatory for all Pakistani Prime Ministers to read up on the rule of Khalifa Omar bin Khattab (RA) to take inspiration for best practices for governance - but that is a thought in passing.As one viewed the newly elected to Parliament one felt that things were surely changing. For one, there is a large group of 190 members, out of a total of 342, who have become MPs for the first time. This means more than 50 percent. Their energy, freshness and enthusiasm is bound to show in their work. An example is the most likeable Murad Saeed of Swat. Then there is the charisma of Imran Khan in Parliament and the plain speaking of Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the most sought after TV talk show guest, for his forthright opinions. There are also quite a few well educated women, who will watch out for gender biases, it is hoped. Khurram Dastgir and Ahsan Rashid are good representations of the party in power among others.The challenges that the nation faces are almost mind-boggling. It is not just the threats to lives and property that the ordinary citizen faces from the terrorists, who continue to strike at will. It is also threats in equal measure to innocent lives from organisations, which are supposed to ensure stringent security and safety measures to protect common people, as they go about their normal chores in everyday lives. Then there are criminal cases of buildings with no emergency evacuation plan or the mini vans and buses with faulty cylinders that ply unhindered on our roads and cause death and thus play havoc with countless lives, leaving them scarred forever.It is also heartbreaking to read of so many infants dying from the entirely preventable illness of measles in the 21st century. It is all these trappings of death like unsafe workplaces and modes of transport, lack of hospital facilities, unsafe water, tampered food and adulterated products that need attention too. Carelessness with human life must be arrested.It is not just the elected who have taken an oath this time. It is we too, the citizens of Pakistan across all segments, who have taken an oath as well, though ours may not have been on camera. We have promised ourselves that we will not tolerate misgovernance and corruption, and that we will constantly remind those whom we have elected of the promises made in their manifestos, and that we will not give a second chance to those who betray our trust and our votes.Good luck and godspeed to all the governments at the centre and the provinces, as they set out on the closely monitored journey of their first 100 days of authority, to establish their intended pattern of governance. This time it is unique because beware, there is no room for faltering or failing.nThe writer is a public relations and event management professional based in Islamabad.