Krishan Chander (November 23, 1914 -March 8, 1977) was one of the great short story writer in the Sub-continent as he brought Urdu short-story writing at par with the art in advanced languages like French and English, disclosed a commemoration function held in his honour. Though with his colleagues Khawaja Ahmad Abbas, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Professor Ahmad Ali and Rasheeda Jehan, he towed the lines set by the Progressive Writers Organisation, yet he exhibited his individuality in many respects Krishan also proved his worth in Hindi and English in addition to his perfection in Urdu, said Fazal Mehmood, the Chairman Union of Writers Pakistan, speaking during a function held under the aegis of the UWP here on Saturday in memoriam of the writer. Fazal said that with the force of his pen, the writer resisted economic and social exploitation and for that reason he ever stood for downtrodden stratum of the society. On the occasion, Muhammad Saeed Shakir, Secretary General UWP said that he wrote tirelessly in different genres of fiction. He said there were 20 novels and more than two dozen collections of short-stories at his credit besides he enormously contributed to radio by writing scripts for plays. Saeed Shakir added that KC penned marvelous short-story “Udata” which was later filmed in the name of Dharti Ke Lal by famous film director, Chetan Anand. Paying glowing tribute to him, Aziz Batalvi, a researcher and poet, said that Krishan Chandler’s style of writing was highly romantic and fluent with the outcome that it was impressive like that of poetry. He said KC vigorously resisted unequal distribution of wealth and means of production being in the hands of a few people in the society. Akran Baig, Mubasher Khalil, Muhammad Younis Gull, Amjad Javed, Mohayuddin Adeeb, Rana Muhammad Shahzad and Ibrar Ahmad Goraya also spoke on the life and contribution of KC, among a large number of poets present there.