Many cases of young girls being kidnapped, raped and released are reported everyday from various parts of Karachi. The fact that no arrests have been made, shows clearly that the state is not interested in protecting its people. In a rare instance, when such an attempt was thwarted on March two, at a shopping complex in Clifton, and the assailants were caught by video surveillance cameras, their faces were not shown to the media to ‘name and shame’ as deterrence. How can we, who call ourselves Muslim, living in a free Muslim country let such things continue to happen?No other country would allow such heinous crimes to go on unchecked. Who is responsible for such state of affairs? Is it the city administration, the provincial government, elected representatives or the numerous security agencies being paid for by tax payers? If we call our country a Muslim country, we should have public hangings for rapists to thwart anyone else from thinking of committing such a heinous crime, but in Pakistan the Maulan’s have created more problems, by now saying that DNA testing will be disregarded, giving immunity to the rapist for this act is never publicaly done?For the last five years, the elected government passed no laws to effectively prosecute criminals. On March three, terrorists launched an attack on the residents of Abbas Town, killing over 55, using an inflammable chemical. This is the same chemical which was used in May 12, 2007, when lawyers were burnt to death. After all these sectarian hate attacks occurred right in the centre of Karachi or Quetta. They planned and staged these attacks from within these cities and managed to flee. Terrorism can only be curtailed in Pakistan if there is a total crackdown on all criminals, whether they are affiliated with TTP, any political party or a sectarian outfit.SYEDA AREEBA RASHEED, Karachi, May 30.