ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif on Saturday vowed that his government would break the begging bowl, stating Pakistan would have to acquire economic autonomy to regain respect in the comity of nations.

“The feeble economy is the major reason behind poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, energy crisis and terrorism in the country,” Nawaz observed in his address to his party’s parliamentary group meeting at Parliament House, calling on other political leaders to rise above petty gains and come up to aspirations of the general populace.

The incoming premier said there was a need to sacrifice personal ambitions and ensure deliverance from financial deficit and debts. He noted that big challenges were ahead and his party had to come up to aspirations of the people.

The PML-N chief made it clear he was not in favour of accepting the slot of prime minister based on compromises and that he never wanted premiership for his personal benefits. He said to members of party’s parliamentary group that “Allah Almighty has chosen you for serving the nation,” and advised them not to lobby for the offices.

“Had PML-N not been given a clear public mandate‚ he would have preferred to sit outside the government than making compromises,” Nawaz said, adding, “We would have to hold the corrupt accountable as there is no need to exercise politics just for the sake of politics...I promise corruption would not be tolerated and believe my party colleagues either.

Talking about economic situation, Nawaz said Pakistan needed Rs550 billion to get rid of circular debts as without it power crisis could not be avoided. Billions of rupees were being lost due to line losses, so the government would have to adopt strict and transparent policies to tackle the situation, he added.

Nawaz pledged to carry forward the charter of democracy (CoD) and move ahead by setting clear priorities that would help reach the destination.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali, former leader of opposition in National Assembly presented a resolution to nominate Nawaz Sharif as leader of the house which was unanimously adopted.

Earlier talking to newsmen upon his arrival at the airport, the incoming premier termed it a good omen for the country that change was taking place through elections. He said the nation played their role in good manner in May 11 elections. Nawaz also said peaceful transition of the government was possible due to his party’s contributions for democracy and nation’s struggle for parliamentary system.

“I pray for peaceful transition of governments, the governments should come and go in a civilised manner as peaceful transition manifests civilised behaviour,” he said.

The parliamentary committee meeting was attended by a number of fresh faces along with other senior PML-N parliamentarians. “I must laud the nation for its role on May 11,” added the incoming prime minister.