President Asif Ali Zardari has said that no extraordinary thing would happen if the newly-elected government succeeds in targeting the drone.

While talking to the media in Islamabad on Sunday, Zardari said that he was not aware of any agreement between the government of Pakistan and the US administration.

“May be General Musharraf had made some sort of agreement with the US, but I am not aware of any such agreement nor I have seen it during my five-year tenure,” he said.

He said winning party’s leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the main character who would take ultimate decisions about Pervez Musharraf and other issues. Nawaz Sharif would take final decision about future of Pervez Musharraf, he said.

“So far as meetings with other stakeholders are concerned, Nawaz would also communicate with them in this regard” said President.

Replying a question about pardon regarding ex-military general Pervez Musharraf, he said that he is bound to take reasonable step being as head of the state.

He made it clear that he has no intention to become candidate for next president.

He contended that his party would prefer to play the role of a living, positive and creative opposition. “Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) would play a positive role in the incoming Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government,” he said.

The president said his party would unanimously support PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif to be elected as prime minister as was done in the case of former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani.

He expressed happiness on the first successful transition of power between democratically elected governments in the 66-year history of Pakistan, a milestone in a country with a history of military coups, adding that not only Nawaz, but each party had played an equal role for the sake of democracy.

Throwing light on law and order situation in Karachi, he said that non-state elements are involved in disrupting the normalcy of the metropolitan.

Responding to the Swiss cases, President Zardari said he had already spent eight years in jail and yet no charges had been proven against him. The president said it was a controversial matter which did not hold any importance in his eyes.

When asked about NRO cases, he said it was a controversial issue which already kept him behind the bars for eight years, adding that this issue had no more value for him.