Terrorism has no religion! Killing innocent people who belong to any caste, colour, religion and culture is a heinous act and can’t be justified by any cause or motive. Britain was shaken after the brutal killing of a British security man in front of an army base in East London. Everyone, including the British Muslim Council, condemned the killing. Owing to the seriousness of the incident, the British Prime Minister cut short his visit to France and is trying to calm the situation. The Muslim community is seeing a backlash in the aftermath of the incident. Although terrorism doesn’t have any religion, unfortunately the British right-wing activists are trying to get political benefits out of the recent tragic incident. This is very unfortunate.British media is also playing a very irresponsible role by claiming that the killer was a Muslim, now most newspapers are showing horrific pictures of the incident, with hate remarks against the Muslim community. London saw the worst ethnic clashes just a year ago. Now any irresponsible behavior, on the part of the media and politicians in Britain, can provoke a new war. Only weeks ago an 85-year-old Muslim man was murdered in the same town, while walking to the Mosque but no hue and cry was raised over his death, though the police believe it was a racist attack. Everyone knows that many men, women and children were killed by occupation troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Pakistan by drone strikes in the last two decades but these deaths don’t count. The one death by a claimed Muslim has made so many people hate Muslims.ZOBIA WASEEM, Karachi, May 27.