The worst possible performances of World Team Squash Championship bound Pakistan players in the Kuwait and Hong Kong events should be enough for Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) to come out of fool’s paradise and accept ground realities.

All the fears regarding poor selection of Pakistan squad for the prestigious event suddenly took interesting turn when top players Farhan Mahboob and Nasir Iqbal lost their opening round matches in Kuwait and Hong Kong respectively and that too not against the top 50 ranked PSA players and another selected player Sh Saqib was at his lowest ebb, as he didn't even make it to the first round in Kuwiat and lost the qualifier, while the fourth and last player of the squad Farhan Zaman lost the quarterfinal in Kuwait against Danish Atlas.

If these so-called perfect and balanced squad is no match to ordinary players, how on earth it would be possible for these players to face the opponents like France, Netherlands and even Russia. The federation and head coach claimed to eye at least semifinal finish, but by looking at the above mentioned facts, it seems these players may end up further down the order than the previous 22nd finish in Germany in the last team championship.

The PSF, instead of persisting with their self-styled polices and bringing bad name to the country, must set their egos aside for the sake of the country and recall Pakistan's top son Aamir Atlas Khan for the world team championship to stand any real chance of finishing at some respectable position, otherwise things are looking really grim for the current squad.

If the PSF doesn't shun their dual policies, one thing is almost sure, these youngsters are good but not good enough to face the likes of Egypt and other squash super powers. PSF president Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt has to interfere, as already a lot of precious time was wasted in so-called trial matches and any further delay on part of the PSF president will further diminish the Pakistan chances.

Aamir has not demanded anything which is out of reach, players like Mansoor Zaman and Shahid Zaman were also given exemption from the trial matches in the past too. If an Asian champion is demanding the same and that too he is not fully fit as recommended by the doctor, and team and country is in dire strides, then the time is ripe to recall favorite son of the soil in the squad.