Our unpopular former dictator General Pervez Musharraf ignored continuous drone strikes on the pretext of being powerless as well as having economic dependence on USA. He tried to give the impression that they were not on the same page with USA, at least on this issue, but the truth is far from it. The violation of sovereignty of any state is not allowed by international law, and there are only two ways to legitimize the unmanned strikes, one is self-defense, and the other is permission of the state, being victimized. Of course, USA was and is permitted to carry on drone strikes in Pakistan. This policy has served no purpose, except to produce more terrorists, as the 355 strikes which took 1,600 civilian lives, whereas, only eighty terrorists were killed does not justify the continuation of these drone attacks. Coming to the other lame excuse, presented to the nation, the financial aid received from the USA, this money goes directly to the corrupt politicians and the dictators and the nation gains nothing from it, no dams were made, no roads and no schools or hospitals, so where is all that aid, for which we killed 1,600 people of Pakistan?Nawaz Sharif, the incoming Prime Minister of Pakistan, is expected to accept reality and present the truth to the nation. He must make it clear that the Pakistanis are not ready to compromise on their sovereignty. If he wants to remain in the office, he will have to convey unequivocally the feelings of his voters to the far away rulers of Pakistan disguised as friends!SULEMAN MANSHA, Lahore, May 29.