Senior Baloch leader Rauf Khan Sasoli has said that a positive change has taken place in Balochistan after Election 2013 and the PML-N leadership needs to take bold steps for nominating Chief Minister.Talking to The Nation here on Saturday, he said that the number of Sarkari Sardars, Darbari Mullahs and smugglers in the new assembly shrank considerably which was a good sign. He suggested to the PML-N to make alliance with the majority party instead of opportunist independent members for making government. He warned that the throne would not prove a bed of roses for the upcoming government as the country passed through a tough phase of its history. “The rulers will have to face multiple tough challenges like economic failure, power crisis, poor law and order situation, poverty and unemployment,” he added. He said that he upcoming government could offer relief to the masses by making a small cabinet, comprising politicians of good fame and ensuring justice to the people. He lamented that Balochistan was deprived of its share of quota in federal departments, expressing his hope that Mian Nawaz Sharif would end this injustice.Referring to law and order situation, he said that the sense of insecurity further increased among the masses in Karachi and Balochistan because of terrorism and the new government would have to make brave decisions for restoring peace. He said that the best way to break tribal system in Balochistan was to promote education.  He said that the political awareness had increased in the society and the people would vote for the parties showing performance in next election. He welcomed the decision of former government to handover Gwadar port to China, saying it would bring prosperity to Balochistan. “However, this project is incomplete if Gwadar is not connected through Motorway,” he added.RECOUNTING IN NA-149: The Election Commission has summoned the winner of election from NA-149 Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), on June 6 on a recounting application filed by PML-N candidate Sheikh Tariq Rasheed. The PML-N candidate filed an application through his lawyer, claiming that the election was rigged in NA-149 and the presiding officer did not handed over result to his polling agents. He further claimed in the application that thousands of votes without presiding officers’ signatures and stamps were found at 60 polling stations but all the votes were counted in the favour of his opponent. He demanded recounting of the votes and verification of thumb impression of voters.Lack of special wards adding to measles woes: The conventional apathy of the Health Department has further added to the worries of parents as not even a single ward has so far been allocated in any state-run hospital for the patients of measles despite the outbreak of the disease in the country.Although just eight cases of measles have been reported at Nishtar Hospital so far, the reports coming from different parts of the city confirm presence of a large number of measles patients, who have not been brought to hospitals by their parents and are being treated at homes.Health sources revealed that many kids suffering from measles were found in Shadab Colony Street No-4, Shah Rukan-e-Alam Block S, Zakariya Town and other areas of the city but their parents did not take them to the hospital and they were being given medical treatment at their homes. When asked, the parents said that they could not take the risk of taking their kids to government hospitals as a large number of kids lost their lives in Lahore and other cities because of negligence of doctors at government hospitals and poor service.On the other hand, the kids suffering from measles are kept with other kids in children wards as a result of which the fears of measles outbreak in Multan have multiplied. The parents of other patients demanded the government to immediately set up separate wards for measles patients so that the chances of outbreak could be mitigated.