LAHORE - The speakers at a seminar have recommended the regulatory bodies, including SECP, SBP, PEMRA and Press Council to be more vigilant and take necessary legal action against any effort to hinder the economic growth.

Executive Secretary of the Law Society Intazar Mahdi, while addressing a seminar on the Role of Media and Future Economy of Pakistan under the auspices of The Law Society, which is working for independent, efficient, and effective economic and judicial system in the country, observed that the ugly picture of the Pakistan’s economy can lead to a financial chaos in the country hitting the foreign and local investment in highly needed energy sector, which is base for economy.

Dr. Ali Sajid, former head institute of business management (UET), Tauqeer Sheikh Professor of political science,(GCU)Lahore, professor Sarfraz Goraya and corporate lawyer Nadeem Jamal also addressed the seminar.