Reports in the press have finally openly indicated the continuation of a brutal genocide in Myanmar. Not just violence, mass killings, open incitement of hatred against the Rohingya, but now a province of Myanmar has also imposed a two-child limit of the Rohingya only, with the same rule applying to no other community in the country. Previously dismissed as a skirmish, the recent horrifying reports coming out of Myanmar include pictures of Burmese military taking part in and encouraging the slaughter of Muslim Rohingya, while the state looks on with silent agreement. Scores have been killed for no crime other than an appearance similar to Muslims, for darker skin colour thought to mark out a Muslim Rohingya. The only ray of hope, albeit a weak one is that serious protest has been registered by President Obama. At least, this has helped quell the impression that reports of violence are fictitious. Sadly, violence has been and is still occurring; Muslims are being subjected to mob rule at the hands of the Buddhist majority. One suchmonk, Sayadaw Wirathu has the temerity to call himself Burmese Bin Laden, and is freely preaching hatred against the Muslims. A drone attack here may not be amiss, if President Obama’s attention could be drawn to it.The extremist groups who feel duty bound to do mischief to its neighbours yet again turn out to be one of the main instigators of bloodshed of Muslims. As if it had not had enough of slaying the Kashmiris, now other Muslims in the region are also suffering brute force majority rule, the stripping of their civilian rights and the absolute muteness of the world community to listen to their protests. The Burmese icon of human rights, Aung Sun Kyui, is conspicuously and shamefully silent. Her presidential aspirations have successfully kept her mute. Such a glowing reputation is undeserved by a hero who chooses a convenient opportunity to do the right thing. Ms Kyui’s reputation and that of Myanmar is at stake. The international community must awaken. Sanctions and military action against the Myanmar extremists is becoming necessary with every passing day. As hope fades for the Rohingya, even the Muslim world looks on helplessly, preferring to lament, rather than force action at an international level to stop the genocide.