I am a frequent traveler, and I have been asked to take Polio vaccination drops from Town Hall, which is a historical building that I had never visited. I was happy to visit Town Hall but was shocked to see that the building, that had once been very impressive, was now in a shambles. It looked more like an old monument than a building that was being used. It had garbage lying around everywhere and there was disorder and chaos. The Polio Vaccination staff was very efficient and cooperative, but it was sans latest computer facility, so there was no computerized record of who was being vaccinated.

There was a register, in which the staff was entering the names, without identification. When I asked why they did not use a computer-based data entry system, their response was, that the government had not allotted the budget for a computer. Wow! This is in Punjab, where we have the Metro Bus and the CM has claimed it to be like Paris! Could anyone have imagined that the government would be botching up the vaccination, even after all the embarrassment! What next? Why are the Sharif brothers so interested in building mega projects when they cannot control polio or get a computerized system for vaccination?


Lahore, June 1.