A mass vaccination campaign against a deadly, but preventable viral infection, is being carried out throughout KPK. It is an appreciable move and well in time because forthcoming monsoon rains and possible flooding will make this deadly viral disease epidemic and endemic in the affected areas. Many children suffered side effects of this vaccine, and the officials concerned have not issued clarification to satisfy the parents. A first class investigation involving laboratory certification stating that these vaccines are of standard quality is missing. Another query, which must be looked into, is the quality of the syringes being used.

I have personally observed that injections with blunt needles have caused shock due to pain in children. MMR, the measles vaccine has already been painted with a notorious face after an ambiguous report published some years back. The report was a hot topic for daily discussions and a great concern for every parent. Even today, many parents are reluctant to give the booster dose of MMR to their children, after the publication of this report. The doctors associations in Pakistan and in KPK particularly are indifferent to this alarming situation, and this is unprofessional and inhumane.


Kurram Agency, May 30.