ISLAMABAD - As many as 162 incidents related to anti-state violence by militants and counter-insurgency operations by the state were monitored this year that caused 311 deaths, injuries to 136 others, three people were kidnapped by militants and at least 503 suspects were arrested, reveals monthly security assessment report by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS).

The PICSS statistics highlighted that out of given 162 overall incidents, there were 75 militant activities that caused 174 deaths while wounding 116 others. As compared to previous month (April), there has been more than 33pc increase in militant activities across the country, more than 60pc increase in number of deaths and more than 16pc increase in number of injuries. This increase in number of militant attacks has been witnessed across the country except FATA though this increase in Balochistan is much higher than in other regions. In Balochistan, there has been almost 62pc increase in number militant attacks, almost 32pc increase in number of deaths and more than 37pc increase in number of injuries. FATA witnessed 21pc reduction in number of attacks, KP 22pc increase while Sindh witnessed 50pc increase in militant attacks.

The month witnessed two high profile attacks including a sectarian Safoora incident in which Ismaili community was targeted in Karachi (Sindh) while the other was the massacre of Pasthun passengers in Mastung. In addition, the son of President Manmoon Hussain was also targeted in an IED blast in Hub (Balochistan) but he remained safe.

As per monthly security assessment report of PICSS, Balochistan has witnessed increase in militant activities. During the month of May, 34 militant activities were reported in the province that caused 44 deaths and 51 injuries. Given the allegations of Indian intelligence agency RAW’s involvement in Balochistan and acknowledgement of such policy by Indian defence minister, the latest upsurge in violence in the province seems to be externally driven, which is apparently aimed at sabotaging Pakistan-China Economic Corridor.

The PICSS report further indicated some increase in IED based attacks as 28 incidents were reported in May in which militants resorted to use of IED against 22 incidents in the previous month.

The report revealed a slight reduction in security forces actions. During May, 87 security forces actions were carried out in which 137 people were killed, 12 injured and more than 501 suspects were arrested. While intensity in ongoing military operation in North Waziristan has been increased where security forces have targeted militants (including foreigners) in Shawal valley, there have been some less activities reported from Khyber where forces have cleared most part of the agency in operation Khyber I and Khyber II.