Islamabad - Capital Development Authority (CDA) is all set for rehabilitation and uplift of the road infrastructure especially those roads which were affected during execution of work on Islamabad section of the Metro Buss Project.

According to a press release, an extensive programme has also been envisaged for construction of new walking tracks with major avenues and along the metro tracks to provide state-of-the-art recreational and fitness facilities to the residents. Under this plan, traffic signals and signage will be improved, lane marking will be carried out, median strips will be decorated with flowers to aesthetically boost the city. Under the project, different connecting roads of the markaz G-9, G-10, F-10 and F-7 would be repaired, all existing facilities would be improved and provision of missing facilities would be ensured. The Authority has initially allocated Rs335 million for carrying out the revamping and construction work.  Construction of new footpaths in addition to revitalization of existing ones and provision of missing facilities falls under the scope of the project. As per up-gradation plan special focus has been given to the up-gradation and revamping of Sector I-9 and I-10 where missing facilities are more common as compared to the other sectors of the Islamabad. It is pertinent to mention that CDA has allocated double of the amount, which is being spent on the up-gradation of the remaining sectors, for the up-gradation and uplifting of Sector I-9 and Sector I-10.

Moreover, in order to boost the beauty of the city, after selection of different sites, CDA has initially started the establishment of cycling, walking and jogging tracks along the Ismail Zabeeh Road Sector F-8, Sector F-11 and newly developed park near Federal Lodges.

These areas are being provided with facility of car parking and smart LED lights would be installed to decorate it aesthetically. These sites are being decorated and uplifted with beautiful colourful flowers and state-of-the-art landscaping is also being carried out. Concerned formation has been directed to mobilize the machinery for early completion of the project. Necessary funds have already been allocated to carry out uninterrupted uplift work. CDA will also start a comprehensive project for the uplift of entire city.