A driver was left coated in yellow dye after his lorry crashed into a truck carrying paint for use as road markings.

The man had been driving the truck along a highway in Russia. But he was involved in a collision with another truck, travelling in the same direction on the M-4 Don highway in the Tula region of the country.

The crash then caused the truck’s paint cargo to explode, covering the road and the truck in a thick blanket of paint.

The paint also washed over the other truck, smashing the windscreen of the vehicle and coating the cab and driver in the yellow road marking.

Both drivers were taken to hospital, but luckily neither sustained serious injuries. Footage taken in the aftermath of the crash was then uploaded to YouTube and showed debris strewn all over the highway and coated in the thick yellow paint.

The front of one of the vehicles can also be seen covered in paint with the driver still inside the cab also coated in the substance. Fellow motorists can also be seen rushing to the scene in a bid to help the covered driver. Traffic was also forced to stop and wait for the wreckage of the vehicles to be moved and the paint cleared up.