S:     You guys have been holding the whole country hostage because of rigging, holding sit-ins and making it the most important facet of your politicking over the last few years. Now that the ball is in your court and you had the dock, everybody is complaining of rigging in the local council polls. What do you have to say to that?

A:     There has never been a fair election in Pakistan. This election was quite difficult to manage with thrice the number of polling booths and seven ballot papers each for every person voting.

S:     The circumstances were supposed to be managed by those at the helm of affairs. You are now making lame excuses. Why don’t you accept the reality that this was an intentional and well thought out strategy to exploit the image of fairness.

A:     You're being too judgemental. At least KPK is having elections. And the illiteracy of the voters has been the other reason coupled with the failure of the Election Commission to take appropriate steps to curb the irregularities.

S:     So everybody is responsible for this mess except for the PTI provincial government according to what you are saying? Under your watch even the women voters did vote? Is this how you repay the thousands of women who supported you in the sit-ins last year? You were nothing without the women who came in masses.

A:     You are extending the matter too far knowing it fully well that this is a matter of political culture. You cannot expect miracles from the PTI overnight to change traditions, norms and values that have existed over centuries.

S:     I didn't. But you did.