KARACHI - Two brothers and their brother-in-law were killed over the petty issue of encroachment in Ashraf Nagar locality of Paposh Nagar on Monday.

Sudair Ahmed, his brother Wazir Ahmed and their brother-in-law Nawaz were shot dead after a brawl with their neighbour over the petty issue of pushcart parking.

Sudair and Wazir died on the spot while Nawaz succumbed to injuries. Following the murder, police chased the culprits and managed to arrest the assailant three brothers Arif, Faizan, Adil and their father namely Ameer Afzal. It registered a case against the accused persons on the complaint of victims’ brother.

Police said Faisal – the main accused who sprayed bullets – was remain at large. Police recovered the weapons used in the crime.

Police explained that skirmish between the families had been continued for the last couple of months because the victims used to park rickshaws and pushcarts outside the residence of Faisal. Police said despite the skirmish between the families, the victims did not remove the encroachment which resulted in scuffle. Faisal pulled out the pistols and sprayed bullets.

All the three victims were shot multiple times and were taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The bodies were later handed over to the families after autopsy.

Police officials revealed that the arrested accused persons were held responsible for the killings. One of the victims Wazir had strong political connections with the Pushtoon ethnic party, therefore they were not removing the encroachment.