The siege against a gangster group in Rajanpur area of Punjab entered into 18th day with 1600 policemen facing stiff resistance from around 200 gangsters. These gangsters are deeply rooted in suburbs if Punjab where vast landscapes and scarce population help them in hiding and operate easily. Numerous previous attempts to subdue this gang ended with unfavorable results with police returning back unsuccessfully and results are no different in this attempt as after some robust retorts, authorities are now seeking Army’s help to eradicate these gangsters. Once again it has underlined the incompetency of our civil institutes. It’s not army’s duty to fight gangsters in cities, army is there to secure borders but because of incompetent police, army has to exceed its role. In every country, there’s an institute which is responsible for his work and is made competent enough to carry out its duties but here in Pakistan, the incompetency of institutes specially of government’s is evident and the only organised one is Army and that’s why every time they are called following any disaster to help the civil institutes because they either aren’t competent or don’t have the resources. 


Karachi, April 15.