Expensive marriages have almost become a must, even for low-income families, due to the fear of what ‘people’ will think otherwise. Weddings in Pakistan have become a status symbol now. Everything is set to look amazing but in making the wedding perfect and attractive, we conveniently forget about the bond of holy matrimony. What is the point of spending a huge amount on people who can already afford such food, why not invite people from the less privileged strata of the society and allow them to indulge in these luxuries? They will be really happy, they will remember us and their prayers will matter. Why a battalion of extended generations of relatives?

I do believe that a lot of people want to take steps to eliminate such customs but they cannot stand up to the criticism of society. Thankfully our government proved itself as a savior to the less-fortunate people when the Punjab Assembly on Thursday passed a law titled ‘The Punjab Marriage Functions Act 2016’ which directs that only one dish comprising a meat curry and one dish of rice, along with bread, a sweet dish, salad and hot or cold beverages should be served in wedding functions and other related ceremonies.

Now it is our duty to abide by this law, for we are the privileged ones. As members of an educated community, we must show a sense of responsibility and bring about a change to dismantle such weird and complicated constructed norms that bring about no good, but instead intensify wrong trends in our society.


Karachi, April 15.