Chughtai appointed as COO Adetude Advertising

ISLAMABAD (PR): Karamat Ali Chughtai, having extensive experience and knowledge of advertising industry, has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Adetude Advertising Pvt. (Ltd). Chughtai has a well-proven background of serving in various advertising agencies for 30 years. He has already pledged to play his role untiringly and accordingly through opportunities and challenges lying ahead. His acquaintances and well-wishers have felicitated and also wished him good luck for his future endeavors.

Jovago launches

‘Ramazan Around Pakistan’

LAHORE (PR):, Pakistan’s No.1 online hotel booking website, has launched “Ramazan Around Pakistan” campaign. Keeping in view the intensity of summers across Pakistan, JOVAGO puts its efforts by offering discounts to home-stricken people and motivate them to travel across Pakistan during Ramazan.

Considering the convenience of travelers and making it the top priority, offers free Sehri and Iftar deals at selected hotels across all cities in Pakistan. This campaign also offers up to 80% special discounts that can be availed till 20th June, 2017. With this attractive offer, people can now enjoy the pleasant weather and picturesque areas while observing their fast in the holy month.

Jovago Pakistan has always been facilitating different hotels in different areas across the country. It provides the most comfortable, luxurious, and safe hotels for travelers and tourists for having peaceful vacations and enjoying traveling.

Commenting on the campaign, Ms Nadine Malik, CEO Jovago Asia, said, “ is providing tourists and vacationers with an opportunity to enjoy this Ramazan at beautiful and scenic areas of the country. Jovago Pakistan with its commitment to bring exclusive offers for vacationers and to make their travel comfortable and memorable, announces special discount packages for Ramazan. With complimentary Sehri and Iftar at many partner hotels along with discounts up-to 80%, we are making it easy and cost-effective for our travelers to avoid the scorching sun and enjoy the blessed month.”


Tetra Pak celebrates World Milk Day

LAHORE (PR): Tetra Pak, the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, Thursday joined the rest of the world in celebrating the 17th annual World Milk Day. Tetra Pak promotes the consumption of safe packaged milk all over the world.

In 2001, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) selected June 1st as World Milk Day, which celebrates the important contributions of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition. With each passing year, the number of countries participating in World Milk Day has increased, to reflect ever growing interest in adopting healthier lifestyles.

Tetra Pak focuses on highlighting the importance of consuming safe packed milk, as opposed to lose or untreated milk. By nature, milk is a sensitive product. It is highly vulnerable to contamination if it is not handled properly during collection and transportation,

It is worth noting that, packed milk is tested before reception at the customer factories and only good quality milk is accepted. The milk is then exposed to the UHT process which eliminates bacteria and the six-layered carton keeps out sun, light, and air which makes UHT milk safe.

The Ultra High Treatment (UHT) process, exposes milk to extremely-high temperatures, at 135°C for 3-4 seconds, and is then immediately cooled. This process kills any bacteria whilst keeping the milk’s natural nutrients.

 Afterwards the milk is safely packed in Tetra Pak’s six-layer package without the need to add any additives or preservatives.

Milk contains 18 of the 22 nutrients necessary for a daily intake.

It is rich in essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, D and B12, as well as minerals such as; potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and protein. Studies have shown that a low intake of milk or milk related products increases the risk of osteoporosis, resulting from calcium deficiency, obesity and tooth decay.

Loose milk is sold untreated and unpacked. It is usually collected in unsterilized containers without refrigeration and sold in a jar or plastic bag. It exposed to pollution, sun, and all types of bacteria, and in some cases, unhealthy additives are added it to prolong its life. Boiling the milk at home does not kill all the bacteria or remove the additives.


SNGPL gas disconnection


LAHORE (PR): Managing Director SNGPL, Amjad Latif, in continuity of the strict policy of disconnecting gas bill defaulters, has ordered to disconnect govt/special domestic defaulting consumers. In order to recover outstanding dues from govt defaulting/special domestic consumers from Peshawar and Abbotabad region, disconnection notices were served to them for early settlement of outstanding arrears. In this regard SNGPL has disconnected the defaulting consumers having cumulative gas bills default of Rs. 11,158,230/-

Sima becomes UBL

President & CEO

KARACHI (PR): Sima Kamil assumed the role of President & CEO UBL on Thursday. UBL’s Board of Directors has expressed its good wishes for Sima Kamil and has welcomed her to the UBL family.

She joined UBL as Deputy CEO on 28 March 2017. During this transition period, she has become well acquainted with all business, support and control functions of the Bank.

 Sima has met a cross-section of UBL’s customers and stakeholders across Pakistan and assured them of UBL’s continuous support on the back of UBL’s vast product suite and ever-improving customer service.

Upon assuming her new role, Sima Kamil said, “UBL was rightly judged Pakistan’s Best Bank 2016 and even more than this, UBL today is a force to be reckoned with in the banking industry. It stands as a financial giant in Pakistan that has continuously demonstrated a strong and robust track-record, a true embodiment of its progressive and innovative spirit”.

Sima started her career at American Express Bank and went on to work at ANZ Grindlays and Standard Chartered. She served at Habib Bank for the last 16 years, first as Head of Corporate & Investment Banking and then as Head of Branch Banking. Her 30 years of overall experience in Banking have included assignments in Risk Management, Retail, and Corporate & Investment Banking.  She is also the Chair of the Board of Governors of Karachi Grammar School and on the Board of the Notre Dame Institute of Education. She has a degree in business from Kingston University, UK, and an MBA from City University, London. She is the first woman to head a major commercial Bank in Pakistan’s 70-year history.