During the first round of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Practical Cooperation Dialogue, Kong Xuanyou met with delegates of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Congratulating them on positive progress of trilateral practical cooperation dialogue, Kong Xuanyou expressed that China, Pakistan and Afghanistan are linked by mountains and rivers, and are a community of common interests and common destiny.

Attaching great importance to its friendship with the two countries, China hopes to, through trilateral practical cooperation, support Afghanistan's peaceful reconstruction and economic development, push Afghanistan and Pakistan to expand cooperation and improve their relations, make use of the radiation effect of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and promote trilateral cooperation under the "Belt and Road" framework, in a bid to achieve the common development of the three countries and the region at large.

China supports the three parties in regularly conducting dialogue, and advancing trilateral cooperation that benefits the three parties based on principle of mutual understanding and respect, and of progressing steadily from easier issues to more difficult ones.

Appreciating China for successfully holding the first round of trilateral dialogue, delegations of Afghanistan and Pakistan expressed that trilateral cooperation is conducive to promoting the common development of the three countries and the regional economic integration, and benefits the three countries as well as the whole region.

Both countries stand ready to, together with China, intensify coordination, continue to well conduct trilateral practical cooperation dialogue, and advance practical cooperation.