SIALKOT - The defection of Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan from PPP to PTI has annoyed her close aids especially from Awan and Araeen clans while 95 percent of the people surveyed in NA 111 constituency supported her decision.

Now, she is facing strong criticism from these families. She has also annoyed her close political associate Mian Abid Farooq. Talking to the newsmen at Sialkot Press Club, local Arayin Biradari’s head Mian Abid Farooq announced his political disassociation with Dr Firdous. He also announced to contest the 2018 general elections as PPP candidate against PTI’s Dr Firdous Ashiq in the constituency.

In 2013 general elections, as PPP candidate, Firdous had contested election in NA-111 by taking Mian Abid Farooq as PPP candidate in constituency PP 121 but both lost the contests. Awan Biradari’s one group led by Imtiaz Awan is also strongly criticising her for flying to the camps of PTI. He announced no support to her in 2018 general elections. He said that her decision to join PTI was not reflecting the aspiration of the people of the constituency. He added that she has changed three main political parties. They said that she has badly hurt the political sentiments of her voters and supporters by joining the PTI and they will not support her now.

Meanwhile, local PPP leader Ch Zahid Bashir said that the PPP always needed the true, sincere and loyal workers. They said that her joining of PTI was her personal matter, which also hurt the PPP workers. He said that her departure from PPP will not dent it. On the other side, PTI’s Chaudhry Ameer Hussain, former speaker of National Assembly, has welcomed Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan in PTI, saying that it was the PTI central leadership’s decision to induct her into the party. He said that he will follow the PTI’s discipline in this regard. Ameer Hussain had joined the PTI before the 2013 general elections and brought his son Asif Ameer Hussain in the local political and electoral race. Both Ameer Hussain and Firdous Ashiq are very strong political rivals as they contested the 2008 and 2013 general elections against each other. Now, past’s political rivals are on the same platform. Ameer is now promoting his son in the politics of the constituency. However, the question still arises here who will rule the PTI in constituency.

According to political observers, the PTI leadership has to redefine the frontline political role of both Chaudhry Ameer and Dr Firdous. Talking to newsmen, Dr Firdous said that she has joined the PTI after having detailed discussions and consultations with her voters and supporters of Bajwat. She said that she joined PTI in the large interest of the people. She said that her decision reflects the aspirations of the local people.

To a question, she said that the political elements opposing her decision were political orphans and their political opposing does not matter. She vowed to continue her struggle for the rights of her people by ignoring criticism.

She said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan got conducted a political survey in the constituency. She said that in this special survey, 95 percent people of the constituency voted in favour of Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan. She said that the local people rejected Chaudhry Ameer Hussain during this survey. She said that after the survey of political popularity, she joined the PTI as per the aspirations of the people of her area. She claimed that the PTI chairman has assigned her a special political role.